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Photographer, Producer and Creative Director FRAN DOMÍNGUEZ

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Office: Calle Cuna 16, 1º, 41004 Sevilla (Spain)


<< Dear visitor,

All you will find in this website is me, the person I am, the way I see the world.

As an artist, you have to be true to yourself. I do not aspire to be a nice option for every single client out there, but the perfect photographer for those who will find themselves reflected on my images. Time is way too valuable not to be surrounded by those you get excited working with.

Mine is the story of a Building Engineering who never saw himself tied to an industry he wasn't passionate about. Back in 2013, right after I got my degree, I felt the "now or never" call and left everything in Spain to give photography a try. I flied to Denmark, where I had already spent a semester working on my final project during university, and what it was supposed to be a three months trip turned into a three years stay.

No pain no gain, some say. Truth is, you work as hard as you can, you travel as far as your money can take you, you keep on fighting for what you love and, one day, you wake up realizing you know who you are as you never did before.

My name is Fran Domínguez and I am a photographer, project manager and creative director with international experience in fashion, editorial and commercial photography productions. How can I help you? >>